Code Blue | Julie Naanes

When an NYC night temperature drops below 32 degrees (or it snows or sleets…or both) the city announces a “Code Blue”. The Department of Homeless Services has put this policy in place to allow NYC’s homeless to get somewhere warm without fear of drop-in centers and shelters being “too full”. The more the merrier! So far this winter, NYC has called over 10 Code Blues. A couple weeks ago we experienced a Code Blue on a weekend 24 hour Code Blue (the temp never got above 20 degrees), meaning that anyone could come in at any time Saturday and Sunday. Since my church meets in the NYC Rescue Mission Chapel, for Communitas Church, this made for a VERY full Sundaymorning service! We had over 100 people attend that morning. That morning we had one of our members, Weldon, share his painful story of drug addiction, imprisonment, and the loss along the way…and how God has transformed his life over the last few years. Weldon recently stepped up to be our Head Usher…he saw a need and said, “I’d love to serve!” He has revolutionized how we greet our congregation, collect the tithes and offerings, and serve communion. That Code Blue Sunday, Weldon (and his MANY gifts) was one of the reasons we were able to greet and care for everyone in the service. Did I mention that Weldon is also homeless? And that he has recruited an usher team to serve our church and that they, too, are homeless? It makes me so grateful to see God work and move in ways that I wouldn’t have seen. 

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