Our network is about joining God to unleash the rising generation for the good of the city. We believe that cross-generational relationships are vital in this process.

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In order to be whole and unleashed, a person needs community that consists of people on multiple levels:

  • Those we have an opportunity to encourage in their growth

  • Those colleagues or friends who walk alongside us

  • Those various people who invest in us

Often, the most difficult to find of these three is the person who has already walked the road we are currently on, and can share their wisdom, experience, and Godly perspective in the context of life in the city.

We want to help make that a reality and connect you with mature mentors in your vocation and/or church community.

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The Mentor-Millennial Initiative is a 6 month program that exists to provide a context for an experienced generation to invest their gifts and insights into a rising generation of leaders, so that they are able to more effectively live out God's calling on their lives in the city.

We do this by matching Millennial applicants with a network of seasoned Mentors, typically centered around similar vocational and/or church contexts.

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 All participants must submit an application with a nonrefundable $20 application fee no later than January 4th, 2019. If selected, you’ll begin the program in early February.

We value pairing each millennial and mentor based on requests and input from the application process, but we won't create a match where we do not feel like one exists. If you’re matched, we ask that you commit to the following:

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Attending the Mentor Millennial kick off event on Saturday, February 9th, 2019. This will be a 2 hour brunch, where you’ll meet your mentor.


Seven in-person meetings over 6 months (desired rhythm of every 3 weeks).

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Commitment to take action on agreed upon developmental plans, between meetings.

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While the idea of a “mentor” means many things to many people, for the purposes of this program, we are considering a mentor to be someone who actively listens to gain understanding, judiciously speaks and gives guidance, with the goal of helping to overcome obstacles and bring growth. With this understanding, we have 3 core values for all participants:


Abiding with Jesus as a priority throughout the process. We desire for this program to be a supplement that helps you thrive in relationship with Him.

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Growing in the context of relationship. Our program is relational, and not curriculum-based.


Taking the humble posture of a learner.


For a comprehensive look into our program, click here. If you have specific questions, please contact our MMI Director, Kelly Rudisill.