Everything we offer is designed to help Millennials connect with one another, thrive in the transition to adulthood and serve for the common good of New York City.

be developmental supplements to people's already existing church, work and neighborhood communities.


Connect Spaces

Natural, yet intentional spaces that provide opportunities to connect with others in your industry and neighborhood. Learn more



Transitioning to NYC and navigating adulthood surfaces many things. Connect with someone on our team to process what the city bubbles up.

Leadership Development

Lessons designed for a small group setting to help you Learn, Practice, Process and Share as you seek to follow Jesus in the city. Learn more



Connect with a mentor in your vocation or church network. Email Kelly Rudisill or read our program description here for more information. If you are interested in participating in our mentoring program, please fill out this form.

Network-wide Events

A few times a year, our dispersed network comes together from various neighborhoods, industries, and church communities across the city. 


Church Connect

Plug into a church community through a personal touch point with one of the churches connected to our network